Target delivery lead time

Estimated target service delivery date to hand the service over to the customer. Target delivery lead time is valid for on-net sites only, I.e. no third-party network is used to reach customer site. In case of third-party network is used feasibility study is needed prior to committing date of delivery.

Average lead times:

  • On-net: 4-6 weeks
  • Off-net: 6-8 weeks

Planned availability

Service availability refers to the ability for the customer to use the telecommunications service according to its specification. Availability is defined as a ratio

Availability ( % ) = (1-ts/tu) x 100


  • the Period of systematic follow-up is the total number of hours during the month for which the guaranteed availability of the service has been calculated for
  • tu stands for total duration of interruption, reduced quality, disturbances, difficulties and failures during the Period of systematic follow-up (in hours)
  • ts stands for total time of providing of the services during the Period of systematic follow-up

The availability shall be measured during the Period of Systematic Follow-up for each particular link.
The guaranteed availability and quality parameters shall be: 99,5% yearly.

Maximum repair time

All faults and degradations to the service are handled on a 24x7 basis. Invitech shall make any effort to fix outages in customer services having any outage not exceed 6 hours.

Bit Error Ratio and Maximum Frame loss Ratio

Invitech guarantee that BER does not exceed 10-8 end-to-end. Frame Loss Ration shall be better than 10-6


Latency is defined as the time in milliseconds (ms) consumed by a one-way transmission of the information. Latency figures among Invitech main POPs shall not exceed 20 ms.

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