Invitech IP VPN

Invitech Carrier Services IP VPN service enables customers to communicate among geographically distributed locations preserving data integrity and security. Service may include range of optional services such as CPE management, QOS, remote access to support mobility etc. Service is based on RFC 4364.

Service provides any-to-any connectivity to the customer network. Since the service is QOS-enabled, customer traffic patterns can be classified to various categories that can be prioritized to fit best actual needs.

Bandwidth options:

Local tail bandwidth ranges from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Access to service

Customer connects to the nearest Invitech PoP (Point of Presence) via local tail that connects customer's router and Invitech Provider Edge router. This link can be established via various access technologies considering availability, cost, flexibility etc. Committed access link capacity is 100% guaranteed.

Local tail may be established via the following:

  • fibre
  • licensed-band microwave
  • private line, especially via Ethernet over SDH technology
  • xDSL, where applicable

Local tail may be redundant to improve service availability.

Service is handed over preferably via Ethernet interface with the following options:

  • local tail bandwidth up to 100Mbps (IEEE 802.3u, FastEthernet), 100BaseTX interface with RJ45 connector
  • local tail bandwidth above 100Mbps (IEEE 802.3z, GigabitEthernet)
    • copper: 1000BaseT interface with RJ45 connector
    • optical: 1000BaseSX, 1000BaseLX/LH with LC or SC connector

Diverse local tails are available in order to enhance service availability. Service is managed end-to-end with regard to service model as follows.

  • Service is considered as managed if CPE/router is provided and managed by Invitech
  • Service is unmanaged in case CPE/router is provided and managed by customer/partner.

Supported CPE are from Cisco, Juniper, Huawei or other vendor.

Class of service

Invitech network supports use of various traffic classes to accomodate customer needs. Classification is based on DSCP.

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