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Corporate Social responsibility – Invitech InnoMax Award

Dear Applicants,

The application period for the 2019 InnoMax Award is over. Thank you very much for honouring our company with your application. The evaluation of the applications received is under way.

We are looking forward to your participation next year, too.

Kind regards

 Invitech InnoMax Team

Founded in 2010, the Invitech Award is designed to draw attention to organisations that apply innovative solutions in civil society and to provide them with support in the form of PR opportunities, services and know-how.

Invitech InnoMax Award

Recognising that the transfer of state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date know-how can be of great help to non-profit organisations in particular, our call for applications essentially aims at assisting players in civil society in the form of PR opportunities, platforms and know-how.

History of the Invitech InnoMax Award

Established in 2010, the original purpose of the Award was to offer our partners with innovative creative solutions some vital PR opportunities.

Since 2014, businesses can apply in yet another category: now non-profit and non-governmental organisations can also present their project ideas, and from 2015 the competition has become open to all businesses in the country.

Since 2016, the award has also been focusing on innovations in the public interest, and in 2018, assisting NGOs and technological development were added to our list of priorities.

Over the years, the InnoMax Initiative has grown into a true business club where participants can build relationships and exchange ideas – while the opportunity is always there to apply for the InnoMax Awards, of course!

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