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Holding Statement

With regard to the presence of the "COVID-19" coronavirus in Hungary and related governmental and health measures, Invitech would like to inform its partners about the followings:


  • Due to the nature of our services, as a result of what happened in the recent days and weeks, many of our old and new partners have expressed their needs for us to be as successful as possible in preparing for the new situation. Our company gives priority to meeting such requests, whether it is for bandwidth expansions or other remote and collaborative solutions. All other services that do not require an on-site presence are provided to our customers, subject to the necessary precautions. 
  • As of March 16, the company already introduced home office for its employees, providing all the technical conditions necessary for a continuous business. It is important to note that employees of Invitech has many years been granted this option including the conditions for remote access to the company’s internal systems, so our colleagues have the proper routine and preparation for remote collaboration and operation
  • In order to protect our data center services, we have imposed a visit restriction on our sites in the interest of our clients, and postponed reschedulable installation work after constant consultation with them. Entry is allowed only in justified cases, such as troubleshooting. 
  • The primary guarantee of service delivery is that our company has advanced remote managed service platforms most of which do not require constant on-site intervention. At the same time, protecting our remotely managed services is ensured by the fact that our company has multiple locations in the country so that we can perform workflow processes from multiple geographically separate locations. 
  • All of Invitech's services have clear and detailed business continuity plan (BCP) for any emergency case including pandemic applicable to different epidemics. We ensure that our services work in line with contracts, we continuously test our systems and train employees working in critical positions in accordance with a well-defined security protocol that meets international standards. Please find the international certificates of our company here: https://www.invitech.hu/our-certificates 


Should you have any questions please contact us with confidence, Invitech's complete infrastructure and staff are at your disposal. 

Download Holding Statement (pdf)

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