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Outsourced IT customer service

Does it happen that you can only reply to your customers’ inquiries with significant delay, or that some business areas are completely deprived of support, which might cause distrust in your experts? This could lead to a shutdown of essential business processes or even to loss of clientele. You can avoid these problems even without making any investments, by using our monthly plan-based solution.

The pros of Outsourced IT customer service

Business benefits

Our customer service receives reports as a one-stop system on the phone, by e-mail, via a self-service centre and HelpChat, assisting both the clients and the IT experts in their work, in Hungarian and in English, and handles the complete lifecycle management of the tickets. 
In addition to taking, categorising and classifying reports, the Service Desk seeks to provide prompt and quality solutions. With continuous availability, it makes sure that end users (or VIP users, where requested) get support for their office IT systems.

Will it be worth it?

Outsourcing the customer service function unburdens an IT organisation, so the experts can work on solving problems and managing incidents instead of doing administrative work. The outsourced HelpDesk can optimise valuable human resources, which can also lead to a decrease in auxiliary costs.
Cost saving, scalability and prompt satisfaction of customer demands are the three most frequent benefits that businesses expect from using an IT service desk. An adequate expert base and support customised to well-defined business processes can help to easily manage any incidents that arise, as well as the regular course of business. 

We know everything you might need - And possibly even more.

Our customer service solutions can help you.

  • centralise the inquiries received by the IT unit via one-stop case management
  • choose availability depending on your business needs (5x8 – 7x24)
  • reduce your operating expenses and the costs of providing services
  • calculate your annual expenses more easily thanks to outsourcing with a fixed monthly rate
  • get rid of the difficulties of managing IT and telecom subcontractors
  • unburden your IT experts so they can dedicate themselves to the tasks that are most important for the business
  • reduce the number of problems arising from missed calls and unmanaged reports
  • improve end user satisfaction

Discover the details

More benefits

  • you do not need to tackle the challenges of the labour market and the risks associated with your own service model
  • you are relieved of any problems generated by temporary lack of resource (e.g. sick leave, annual leave, education)
  • outsourcing allows you to use a quality-assured (ISO2000) service that follows the best industry practices (ITIL)
  • a proactive team with a continuously expanding customer-specific knowledge base is at your service

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