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Rural / Urban development

Ceglédbercel is located in the area between the rivers Danube and Tisza, in Pest county, approximately 60 kilometres southeast of Budapest, between Albertirsa and Cegléd. Over 4,000 people live in the settlement in about 1,600 households. The municipality has always been open to innovative solutions; the developments taking place there all aim at building a close community and a settlement as liveable as possible. The locals make every effort to this end: they would like to increase public safety, extend the offer of locally available services, improve the level of information supply to the residents and of course reduce the migration of young people.

Our Applied Solutions

The municipality wishes to become a miniature centre in the region, and this is why they would like to reach spectacular development as soon as possible. For this, they searched for a reliable partner and innovative, yet practical solutions. They were particularly attracted when Invitech offered to provide all this, and everything from one place.

In the initial phase, the solution provider established a Full HD camera system consisting of eight units in the settlement, which transmit the images of popular public areas to the local police and civil guard units on duty. The company also established a Wi-Fi hotspot at the two busiest locations. Then they considered the possibility of trying to set up a more complex system in the municipality, taking advantage of the company’s experience in smart solutions. Thus the next step included the development of a mobile application that may be very useful both for the locals and the visitors there in obtaining the necessary information, whether it be the services offered by the local businesses or the programmes available in the settlement.

The next step in making the municipality a really smart village is that an IoT network (i.e. controlled devices interrelated through the Internet) may be established for the village by placing environmental sensors. The network of sensors may make street lighting more energy efficient and useful information may also be obtained, for example on the development of motor traffic. The plans include the installation of chargers for the increasing number of electric cars. Thanks to the free Wi-Fi and the application, visiting drivers may find all information on the settlement and may use the available services while their cars are charging.

However, this is only an example of how the application may be used, as it may also be suitable to collect the opinion of the general public – even in the form of voting – or to make public information available instantly, even as an alert. Another important option is that elderly residents can raise the alert in health- or safety-related emergencies. The community space function may also make the life of the locals more convenient because it can be used to make appointments at the local service facilities.

Invitech developed this application with AutoSoft Kft., which is in close cooperation with Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The Ceglédbercel App is already available to iOS and Android users; based on the feedback given by the local residents and the visitors, additional functions will be added soon.

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