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Video conferencing and collaboration

Invitech's Video Conferencing service provides small, medium and even large companies with an easily installed, high-quality video conferencing platform without investment. Thanks to its flexible design our service is able to satisfy user needs ranging from small meeting rooms for a few people to large conference rooms.

The pros of Video conferencing and collaboration

Business benefits

We will provide you with the latest video conferencing solutions and a quality matching the demands of large multinational companies with our easy-to-install meeting room tools.

Invitech solutions represent a professional video communication service regardless of the level or intensity of use. Our devices guarantee HD-quality video and audio transmission, providing an experience similar to live meetings. Teamwork is also facilitated by the system’s capacity of sharing the graphs, images and presentations saved on your computers.

Will it be worth it?

Save travelling costs and time! 

Video conferences in a quality matching the demands of large multinational companies no longer presume major investments. Our devices guarantee premium quality audio and video connection without investments, at a favourable monthly rate.  Our solution will increase your competiveness, as your staff will be able to communicate with each other anytime, anywhere, without any limitations, using the devices of their choice.

Invitech’s offer

A small meeting room or a larger lecture hall: if you are looking for a system-independent video conferencing device (complete with PCs and mobile phones on demand), you will not be disappointed in Invitech's Video Conferencing service.

Discover the details

Our service is the solution for your company if…

  • your employees regularly travel to meetings,
  • your employees regularly do remote work,
  • you have more than one site,
  • you regularly organise online trainings,
  • it is important for you to conduct meetings with remote partners as comfortably as possible,
  • you wish to use a system operated by the provider without having to make major investments.

What are the benefits of our video conference service?

  • Flexible scaling: from small two-person meeting rooms to large conference rooms.
  • The service is compatible with several video conferencing systems (e.g. Cisco, Polycom, Skype, Teams).
  • Improved efficiency of teamwork and corporate communication.
  • Reduced travel and accommodation costs.
  • Improved efficiency of internal trainings.

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