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Virtual private network

Our IP VPN service is characterised by high availability and secure data communication between geographically separate locations, while guaranteeing data integrity.

What do we offer?

Most important advantages of our IP VPN service:

  •   Serving complex network needs by means of a single, integrated network (voice-data integration, server-client solutions, administration system, e-commerce, telework support)
  •    Symmetrical, guaranteed data transfer speeds, during both downloading and uploading
  •    Up to 99.95% annual availability
  •    Dedicated and direct connection between sites
  •    Customised rules for data traffic (QoS)

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Additional VPN services

Local area network ownership may not belong to the user but to the leased office instead. Usually, the necessary documents or routing diagrams describing the physical characteristics of the network are not available. It may also happen that network devices are not supported or warranties are not available. Companies often do not have their own experts to operate active devices or nobody is appointed to maintain the local network.

Additional services


A good domain is a must. As an accredited registrar, Invitech.hu will provide efficient and prompt help regarding domain names. The domain names you order will be automatically launched after the invoice has been settled, so you can use them within 1-2 business days.


Speed and stability represent real business benefits for your company, too. With our additional Performance Monitoring service you will be able to track the technical parameters of data transfer 24/7. This way you will not only have the ability to respond quickly but also have the option of automatically logging tickets.


Do you need highest-level security for the network connecting your sites? Invitech can guarantee this! The continuity of your business and the stable and consistent availability of your applications are our priorities. Our back-up service is a perfect addition to an already well-established IT network, but it is also an ideal solution for those who want to keep their existing IPVPN network as secure as possible. For companies looking for a wire-free solution independent of the primary symmetric physical access, we recommend our mobile back-up service.

Device Sales

Invitech is able to negotiate favourable terms with major manufacturers and hence provide significant added value to its customers by selling the most suitable devices for each service. In the case of peripherals, software, hardware and workstations, we can provide you not only with procurement services but also support, so that you can have a complete and efficient IT infrastructure, regardless of the size of your business.

IPsec - VPN

Consider: a single corporate network to connect as many computers as you wish, without the need to physically install your own network or spend a fortune on leasing a line; dedicated and encrypted IP channels for communication between virtual private network nodes. Comparing the costs of installing and operating our solution to those of establishing your own network, you will see that ours is much cheaper to install and there is no difference between operational expenses. Our service is customised, flexible and extremely cost effective in terms of design, management and organising.

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