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Wired networks

Local area network ownership may not belong to the user but to the leased office instead. Usually, the necessary documents or routing diagrams describing the physical characteristics of the network are not available. It may also happen that network devices are not supported or warranties are not available. Companies often do not have their own experts to operate active devices or nobody is appointed to maintain the local network.

Our service includes the following:

  •   designing, installing and operating a local network;
  •    controlling and modifying configuration settings;
  •    network monitoring, early detection of errors;
  •    troubleshooting;
  •    annual preventive maintenance;
  •    storage of spare devices, replacement of malfunctioning devices.

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Wireless Networks

As a result of the proliferation of laptops, tablets and smartphones, business processes often require staff, customers and partners to use the company's network connection, even in wireless arrangements or on a temporary basis.

Choose Invitech if you need simple extension options, scalability and low installation costs.

Offered additional services:

  •   Monitoring system for the creation of various client profiles.
  •   Captive Portal to direct users to a specific pre-defined website.

You will find our services to be the best solution for you if:

  •  your existing LAN system cannot be extended at all, or its upscaling would be complicated and way too expensive;
  •   you are often required to provide a high number of clients and partners with network connection;
  •   you need a network that may be extended quickly and flexibly or a temporary network;
  •   your network should be available for mobile members of staff.

Our service is available in three forms.

  •   Free Wi-Fi similar to an open internet

Public internet access without logging in or logging in via a home page.

  •   Closed network

Secure and closed internet access in a corporate environment accessible via the company’s own LAN network.

  •   Mixed network

Both functions described above are available but provided in the form of two independent networks.

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