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Firewall and UTM solutions

The hardware necessary for the provision of our firewall service (selected according to bandwidth and desired protection functions) may be installed at our clients' endpoints, or it may be installed, operated and managed centrally in Invitech’s data centre. Both solutions provide full security.

Our firewall service provides innovative solutions in each field of network security including the method of firewall management, reports and cooperation with other security systems. We offer you a service of unparalleled simplicity, transparency and efficiency that will provide protection against advanced malware.

Our state-of-the-art firewall service blocks unknown threats, automatically responds to incidents and identifies hidden risks.

One of the main benefits of cloud-based firewalls is that they compare the information collected with that in the database of previously detected threats so as to be able to detect potentially dangerous traffic.

The database is extended after each attack and thus becomes increasingly effective. Cloud-based intelligence extracts information about key threats and keeps all firewalls up to date. This global sharing synergy enables firewalls to prevent any hidden threats.

The pros of Firewall and UTM solution

Business benefits

Our physical and virtual firewall service provides maximum security for your internal LAN to be protected.

Our solution will block unwanted traffic and prevent the majority of IT security incidents. The firewall monitors and filters incoming and outgoing data traffic and restricts it as needed by enforcing internal security rules.

Will it be worth it?

Malware often disrupts the operation of Hungarian companies regardless of the sector of their operations. 

The costs related to loss of production and damage repair may fundamentally impair the budget of even major companies. 

Discover the details

Business benefits

- Continuously updated protection that meets the demands of modern cyber defence
- Also available with monthly rates
- May be used to create integrated voice-data and Internet connections between company sites
- Central management interface, easy operation
- Personalised dashboards, scheduled reports
- 24/7 technical monitoring
- State-of-the-art technical support by Invitech

Security management platform

The platform allows you to manage and monitor firewall protection and other security services used by your company, cloud-based or on-site alike, from one place. Using our synchronised platform, the information seen by different security solutions is shared and user security policies may be uniformly managed. The detailed reports and the summary dashboard as well as automatically prioritised notifications provide insight into the security status.

Basic firewall functions

- Status-dependent packet filtering
- Deep packet filtering at application level
- Flexible rules management
- Network address translation

Additional UTM functions

- Network protection (IPS/IDS, VPN, APT)
- Web filtering (Proxy, Application control, AV)
- Web server protection
- Email protection

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