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DDOS protection

What is a DDOS attack?

DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks represent one of the most common threats impairing the normal operation of businesses. They are cheap to implement while being very efficient. However, it is not impossible to defend your systems against them. On the contrary! 

Invitech’s protection services provide an effective shield for your data and business.

DDOS attacks overload the network connections of servers or the network devices themselves.
The attacked service becomes unavailable and thus impairs business continuity. Our service provides for the virtual filtering of data traffic, so the attacks cannot reach the targeted servers nor reduce the internet bandwidth of the company or institution.
Currently, certain types of DDOS attacks have developed into cheap, easily affordable "services" that may be purchased by everyone, even in Hungary.

DDOS protection

How does it work?

The attacker generates such a volume of traffic through the servers of the target that they become inaccessible due to overloading.


The servers become inaccessible and the systems operated by them stop functioning, resulting in:

  • Disrupted business continuity
  • Data loss
  • Damage to data
  • Losing markets
  • Losing loyalty and reputation
  • … and loss of turnover in the magnitude of millions.


  • Attacks depleting bandwidth
  • Attacks based on contacts
  • Attacks at application level

Who are the potential targets?

Webshops, administrative and financial bodies, media and logistics companies, hotels or any medium-size or large company are potential targets. Essentially anybody connected to the internet and having at least one “well-wisher” may be targeted.

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