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Veeam-based backup solutions

Simple and cost-efficient method to update on-site saving solutions and increase the availability of your data. Using this technology you will be able to diminish your financial and information losses caused by accidental loss of data or wilful misconduct.

Veeam-based saving means we make image backups at intervals specified by you. These may be used to recover your data anytime. This solution may also be used of course in the case of virtual servers and virtual pools as well as VMware and Hyper-V virtualisation. Backups made for virtual machines are stored in reliable disk-based systems. 

The pros of Veeam-based backup solution

Business benefits

Hope is not a strategy for success. Besides cyber-attacks and accidents, several other hazards pose a threat to your data. 

We offer you a long-term backup solution to quickly recover critical business data, programs and applications in the case of potential data loss.

Will it be worth it?

Using our backup and data restoring service, the files and applications on your machine may be restored.

At pre-set intervals backups will be made of essential data in Invitech’s safe data centre according to a backup strategy specified to match the needs of our clients. This is an excellent solution to minimise information losses caused by accidental data loss or wilful misconduct, so that you can protect your company from potential business losses, the financial implications of which are rarely considered by company managers.

Invitech’s offer backups of virtual environments using Veeam Backup & Replication.

Veeam Backup & Replication are backup and recovery systems specifically developed for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation, which enable the recovery of entire virtual machines, files or application objects from the same image-based backup.

When applying the solution:

- you will not need client programs installed on your server,
- there is no need for a complicated backup infrastructure,
- we may check all the backups immediately when necessary and
- recovery tests are a matter of a few clicks.

In addition to backups Veeam is able to perform the image-based replication of servers and virtual machines between sites – both on LAN and WAN networks.

Why we recommend this service to you?

Discover the details

  • The safe storage of your data is a legal or corporate requirement.
  • You use our virtual server service.
  • Business continuity and data safety are essential features for you.
  • The speed of creating backups and data recovery are critical for you.

A prerequisite of using the service is having your own Veeam backup solution.
Data thus backed up may also be stored at a remote site (our data centre of high availability) using Cloud Connect, with recovery being managed from this site when necessary.

Discover Veeam Cloud Connect

Benefits of the service

  • You will not need to install your own expensive backup infrastructure.
  • It is a plannable solution with a fixed monthly fee.
  • It is a cost-efficient solution as you will have to pay only for backed-up virtual machines.
  • Professional and safe IT infrastructure.
  • Your data will be stored in Invitech Solutions’ high-availability data centre, so business continuity is guaranteed.


  • For backups, a data connection of a nominal speed of 100 Mbps as per service is provided.
  • Backups are stored in a high-availability storage system on disks. When needed, disks with higher IO or data connections with increased speed may also be used.

Will protect your data in the following situations

  • Unexpected incidents at your site that will permanently disrupt your business processes.
  • You have legal or corporate obligations to store your data at several different sites (geo-redundancy).

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