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Support for office IT systems

Have your office IT system operated by an expert partner and get rid of the costs and risks involved. Invitech's solution includes all the aspects of professional consulting as well as purchasing and configuring the necessary PCs, notebooks and thin client devices, the installation of the necessary software environment and their modification as required.

The pros of Support for office IT systems

Business benefits

  • one-stop service matching business needs
  • regulated and quality insurance (ISO20000) operation utilising best practices (ITIL) 
  • measurable, transparent and documented service
  • management in line with priorities
  • reliable office IT systems (hardware and software environment) and their continuous monitoring
  • full lifecycle management
  • warehousing of assets and delivery on demand
  • continuous service improvement approach
  • building a client-specific IT knowledge base 
  • authorised and dedicated service manager available on demand for immediate interventions, high-level escalations and communication (tactical and operational management)

Will it be worth it?

  • monthly plan instead of investments, to make your IT expenses more predictable
  • reduced downtime caused by unexpected operations, as we provide immediate solutions to be able to continuously provide the agreed service levels
  • we take over the full cost of finding and training professionals so that you can focus exclusively on your own business activities

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