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Online training platform

Online security-awareness trainings

Wherever people work, mistakes cannot be completely ruled out. There are quite a few business operations where we are inevitably exposed to data loss due to human error. However, this threat can be dramatically reduced with some care! Your employees attending our "Invitech Information Security Training Platform" security-awareness trainings are taught state-of-the-art tricks of information security.

The pros of Online training platform

Business benefits

We provide comprehensive trainings in topics including e-mail security, password protection and authentication, account and mobile security, and GDPR.


Attending our online, responsive, up-to-date courses with continuous feedback, your staff will have a solid and conscious knowledge of how to handle IT security in their work.

Will it be worth it?

The most significant cyber threat to companies is posed by nobody else but their own staff. 


Nearly 80% of Hungarian companies have recently been affected by some form of cyber security incident caused by their own employees. It is almost impossible to quantify the threats prevented by efficient trainings, while almost every major attack results in losses that cost more than preventive actions (preparations) would have.

Invitech’s offer

  • Interactive training modules
  • Simulated attacks
  • Customizable curriculum
  • Curriculum in Hungarian:
    • Detected of fraudulent messages, emails and websites
    • Practical and secure password selection
    • Mobile security
    • Security in home office
    • GDPR knowledge
    • Extensive security knowledge for business leaders
    • Ransomware operation
  • A unique and efficient approach to security-awareness trainings.
  • Monthly fee service

The "Invitech Information Security Training Platform" have been developed on the basis of learning principles verified by scientific research and a focus on cyber security. Our trainings will prepare your staff to face external threats impairing data security and business operations. 

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