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Dedicated virtual server service

Dedicated virtual server service

Invitech’s dedicated virtual server service is a complex solution where we rent out the capacity, also physically separated, of our own servers, storage systems and data transfer devices operated in our own data centre, thus providing an environment to run virtual machines with high availability as well as other supplementary services. The demanded resource capacity will be provided by means of a hardware environment (Processor – CPU, Memory – RAM, Backup – HDD) fully separated also physically and dedicated to particular clients, where they can create virtual servers in the numbers and with the configurations they need.

You may use Invitech’s virtual server service in several different ways.

When you rent a virtual server, you will have your individual virtual servers configured to your needs (Processor – CPU, Memory – RAM, Backup – HDD).

A virtual pool offers you the resource capacity your company needs (Processor – CPU, Memory – RAM, Backup – HDD) and you can use it as it suits you best: you may even have us create several servers with different capacities. The sky is the limit – the number of servers is up to you.

In the case of dedicated virtual server pools the physical environment of the virtual pool is also fully separated within the data centre, and physical access is allowed only for you and your authorised representatives.

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