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László Marton


László Marton has been Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Sales and Customer Care, since June 2019. He is responsible for the sales of telecommunications and IT services to business customers and for the management of all customer relationship activities. Previously, as a head of ICT business development units at the predecessor Invitel, he played a pivotal role in establishing the company's IT expertise and introducing info-communication services. Before his current assignment, he managed corporate and government sales for several years, which was later expanded to include clients from the medium-size segment. László Marton had his first professional and managerial experiences at IBM Hungary, where he worked in the commercial banking business for 10 years and became head of corporate sales. Before joining Invitel, he held the position of Marketing and Sales Director at a major domestic system integrator company.

Albert Kis

Chief Operating Officer, Infrastructure

Albert Kis has been working as Invitech’s Chief Operating Officer, Infrastructure and Co-operators, since June 2019. The business unit under his supervision is responsible for the operation of Invitech's network and data centre infrastructure and telecommunications wholesale operations. He had joined Invitech in October 2017 as Director of Network and Infrastructure Development. Since May 2018, he worked as Chief Operating Officer, Wholesale and Network Development. Albert Kis has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the telecommunications sector. He started his career at HungaroDigiTel, then was employed by Novacom and Pantel as a technical manager responsible for operations, development and IT. From 2005, he worked as Technical Director for the wholesale business of Pantel and then Invitel. Since 2009, he was the Chief Technical Officer and Member of the Board of Invitel International and then Turk Telekom International, where he was responsible for technical, IT and operations. Albert Kis graduated as an electrical engineer at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara.

Zsolt Kemendi

Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Services

Zsolt Kemendi has been Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Services, since June 2019. The branch he supervises includes designing and developing managed telecommunications and IT services based on Invitech's infrastructure, as well as advanced IT security and multi-tier cloud solutions. Before this, he was in charge of Invitech's Network Operations and IT, from 2016. A professional specialised in management, with extensive project management as well as IT operations and development experience, Zsolt Kemendi joined Invitech's predecessor in April 2012 as Head of IT Services. Before joining Invitel Group, he was responsible for managing international IT projects and worked as a business line leader at Synergon Group.

Daniel Majubu

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Majubu has been working as Invitech’s CFO since March 2019. Previously, he held the position of Finance Director (Accounting, Tax & Treasury) of Invitel Group and Invitech since May 2018 and June 2019, respectively. In addition to his financial and accounting expertise, he has extensive process, project and team management experience, as well as experience in coordinating international projects. Daniel Majubu joined the Group in 2015 and was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Financial Reporting, Taxation and Treasury in 2017. He began his career at KPMG in 2007, where he worked in various auditor positions for seven years. He was then employed by Viacom International Media Networks' service centre in Budapest, where he was responsible for preparing the financial statements of several subsidiaries in accordance with local regulations. Daniel Majubu graduated from the Budapest Business School (Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem, BGE) in 2008 with a degree in Finance and Accounting.

Imre Ökrös

Director of Infrastructure Business Unit

Imre Ökrös has been Head of Invitech Infrastructure since November 2022. The main focus of the business unit is the establishment, operation and development of customer services on Invitech's core network and data centre infrastructure, as well as technical support for wholesale sales. He joined Invitech in May 2018. Initially he worked as Network Development Director and from June 2019 as Technical Director of Infrastructure and Associated Services. Imre Ökrös has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and ICT sector, in technology and business positions at Ericsson, GTS Central Europe, Magyar Telekom and H1 Systems. He spent more than a decade and a half at the Hungarian subsidiary of GTS Central Europe, where he held the position of Technical Director of the Hungarian company for seven years. At Magyar Telekom, he was responsible for the technical integration of GTS as Branch Manager. Most recently, as Business Development Director, he supported the international expansion of H1 Systems in the area of data centre engineering services. Imre Ökrös holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Budapest.

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