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Secondary Office / Dister Recovery Site

Burst pipe, bomb scare, fire… just a few of the force majeure cases that may pose a direct threat to your business. With Invitech's backup office service such unexpected situations will not bother you anymore!

The pros of Secondary shared and dedicated office

Business benefits

Unexpected events, environmental disasters or other emergency situations may render the company’s office unusable at any time, hindering normal operations, access to data and communication.

The backup office is made available almost immediately, once you inform us about your need by phone. If your servers are located at Invitech, company data will be easily accessible and the parameters of the services we provide (e.g. trunk lines and extensions, IP range) may be temporarily relocated. The backup offices are furnished, air-conditioned and may be provided with full IT infrastructure.

Will it be worth it?

Your backup office will be available without the need to invest, at a favourable availability fee and monthly rate, with the latter applying only when the service is actually used.

We will provide you with the necessary power supply, PCs, phones, faxes, printers and internet/data connection so you will not have to allocate financial resources to obtain these.

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