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Public utilities / Energy

Alteo - eng

Serious expectations, complex tasks

After the acquisition of Sinergy in 2015, the two different IT backgrounds had to be harmonised and connection between the sites had to be established. For this, an information and communications service provider was needed that is able both to provide the office and management support solutions in a stable and customised manner, and to service the most complex systems. Two other important requirements were the short completion deadline and the granting of business continuity during the fusion. It also increased the significance of the task that not an ordinary office solution had to be delivered but the establishment of a highly reliable system capable of granting the availability expected in the field of energy was required. In addition, the service provider was requested to establish a flexible and scalable IT environment that is able to adapt to the future changes and growth of ALTEO Nyrt. Thanks to its broad service portfolio and considerable professional experience in projects of similar volume, Invitech proved to be the optimal choice.

“Apart from transparency, investors also expect efficient operation from ALTEO Nyrt. as a listed energy company. The company expects the same from its partners, especially if they are responsible for strategically important areas such as IT, as today the effective operation of energy systems is impossible without an advanced IT and telecommunications background. Suffice it to think of the servicing of complex facilities such as power plants or control centres. To integrate Sinergy’s portfolio, it was inevitable to perfectly harmonise and develop further the IT backgrounds of the two companies. Therefore we decided to use a flexibly scalable and cost-effective service from one place within the framework of comprehensive IT outsourcing. Invitech’s data centre competence convinced us to relocate our servers to its data centre at Kozma utca, which meets the highest-level security requirements,” said Attila Chikán, Jr., CEO at ALTEO Nyrt.

The outsourcing of IT tasks increases flexibility

The new IT system servicing ALTEO was established in only a few months. Invitech was responsible for the management, planning, completion and quality assurance of the whole project, including the comprehensive IT assessment, the establishment of necessary networks and the introduction of the new solutions in parallel with the existing systems. Under the cooperation started in 2015, Invitech is responsible for the secure operation of nearly 200 workstations at 12 ALTEO sites. The assignment also covers the provision of necessary IT devices and applications, from laptops through printers to office and management software. The outsourcing of this service is also beneficial for the energy company because a flexibly scalable IT background facilitates its work for further development in the long run.

MOL - eng

As the provider of comprehensive IT services to the members of MOL Group, MOL Magyarország Informatikai Szolgáltató Kft. has been relying on our expertise for a long time. Among other requests, it sought our assistance with support and operation on local and service station network level.

Among the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe

MOL Magyarország is an integrated oil, gas and petrochemical company group that is present in four countries and headquartered in Budapest. It is engaged in upstream and downstream activities; its larger refinery and petrochemical units are located in Százhalombatta, Tiszaújváros and Zalaegerszeg. The company is also active in Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. As a flagship organisation, MOL Magyarország is a member of the international MOL Group, which has a large-scale, concentrated international research and production portfolio and is one of the biggest companies in Central and Eastern Europe. MOL Magyarország Informatikai Szolgáltató Kft. (MIS Kft.) was founded in 2015 with the aim to provide comprehensive IT service to the members of MOL Group. The company – with a turnover of more than three billion Hungarian forints in 2018 – has one site and six branches and employs over 200 employees.

Customer-oriented approach

MOL Magyarország Informatikai Szolgáltató Kft. has been working together with Invitech in various areas of information and communications technology for a long time. The two companies have a permanent contractual relationship for the provision of services. MOL requested Invitech’s assistance again in connection with support and operation on local and service station network level. The assignment covers the long-term support of the company’s mobile, desktop, notebook and network environment. Invitech was chosen for its experienced professionals, the optimal price, the professional approach it had taken before and its customer orientation. The transition was completed within a short time and the quality of operation is still excellent as usual.

Tiszamenti Regionális Vízművek - en

Where traditional solutions are not enough

Tiszamenti Regionális Vízművek Zrt. is one of the most significant water utility service providers in the Northern Great Plain and also in all Hungary, supplying nearly 600,000 residents with drinking water by operating three large state-owned regional systems and several settlement-level systems. The company has been listed among Invitech’s clients for about five years; as a public utility service provider it uses numerous IT and telecommunications solutions, requiring professional attention.

At one of the company sites (a wastewater treatment plant) near Törökszentmiklós but far from residential areas, the need arose to establish a stable and broadband Internet connection to ensure the continuous monitoring of the facility. Due to its geographical location, traditional solutions were out of the question and the installation of a new cable would not have been profitable. However, the service necessary for the company required a connection more reliable and stable than mobile Internet.

IP-based network for intelligent camera systems

The special needs gave priority to a highly reliable and innovative Invitech system. The “integrated Wi-Fi and camera” service is a solution to locations with these geographical conditions, far from residential places and characterised with lower coverage, and it is a one-of-a-kind product in this category on the market. Besides providing Internet connection, the technology established there is suitable for operating IP cameras with high light sensitivity and HD resolution, enabling the provision of the real-time streaming service. The employees working in the facility gave positive feedback on the development after the test period.

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