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Invitech Teams Phone

Improve your company’s efficiency! Microsoft Teams and the related Invitech Teams Phone service take communication within the company to the highest level. Initiate and receive telephone calls through Teams anywhere and anytime, on any of your devices. 


Subscribe to our Invitech Teams Phone service and make phone calls through Teams, now with a substantial discount. Installation fee of HUF 0 and a discount of up to 30%!

Invitech’s offer

We offer the experience of carefree telephone conversations: you can initiate and receive calls regardless of the location and on any of your devices, whether it be a PC, a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop device.

Get the best out of your O365 subscription; Invitech Teams Phone services will definitely satisfy the needs of your organisation.

Invitech Teams Connect consultation support installation


Unlimited calls

With the Inivtech Teams Phone application you can provide your employees with even unlimited conversations from their fixed-line telephone numbers, offering comprehensive call options. It is an excellent choice for those clients who wish to make the simplest possible phone option available to each and every user. 

Telephone system

The Invitech Teams Phone System provides call control and PBX options, thus effectively replacing the on-site telephone hardwares or PBXs. The platform has numerous PBX functions and is flexibly scalable, customised to your needs.

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Why is it worth making calls from Invitech Teams Phone?


The telephone system operates through the Office 365 subscription; it can be set without any complication and simplifies the telephony needs of the organisation. For this, all you need is adequate 365 subscriptions and the service package..


The phone calls take place through a secure cloud in the O365 system, with high availability.

Reduced costs

Your existing physical PBX system does not need to be modernised and operated; we will provide you with every necessary function within the framework of the service. You can save time and money: with this service no local telephone infrastructure needs to be installed and maintained.

A complete solution

We perform phone number porting and network matching. We offer competitive tariffs, even with unlimited domestic calls.

Teams Connect eszközök

Suitable Invitech Teams Phone devices available for every task

The qualified devices provide audio and Room System videoconference of reliable and impeccable quality. Choose the suitable Invitech Teams Phone devices for the optimal call or meeting experience.


With Teams devices connection is fast; you can start cooperation with others right away. Meetings and calls can be initiated with a single touch.

Work from anywhere

The devices are suitable for work from anywhere and in any style, enabling you to choose where and how to work.

Microsoft Teams Conference

You can start your meetings on time with a single touch, enjoy the pleasant experience of HD-quality audio and video, and easily share contents with all on-site and remote participants.

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