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Software rental and operations

To complement our computer and server solutions, we also provide our clients with a cost-effective software rental option, as an alternative to lump sum software investment.

The pros of Software rental and operations

Business benefits

Invitech's software rental service allows you to use always up-to-date, state-of-the-art solutions both for hardware and software.

Thus your IT system will provide a complete, flexible, transparent and carefully managed solution for your business processes. As an option, Invitech experts will also cover installation and operational management of your software as part of the service.

Will it be worth it?

When looking for a cost-effective solution you not only have to consider your computers and servers but also the software environment.

With our software rental option we also provide you with an alternative to lump sum software investment. In the event of an increase or decrease in staff, thanks to monthly billing you will no longer have to worry about the related budgetary issues.

Invitech’s offer services included in IT operational management

  •      Design, installation and operation of a physical server and storage environment
  •      Design, installation and operation of a virtual server and storage environment
  •      Operation of Hypervisor services (Hyper-V, VMWare)
  •      Operation of Active Directory / LDAP
  •      Operation at the level of operating systems (Windows / LINUX)
  •      Operation of file-sharing services
  •      Operation of email servers
  •      Operation of portals (SP, LAMP)
  •      Operation of print servers
  •      Help Desk / Service Desk
  •      Monitoring and management

Discover the details

More benefits

  • The necessary applications are installed (and also operated as requested) on your behalf by Invitech specialists.
  • The service portfolio includes the entire Microsoft Office family of programs.
  • Software licences may also be transferred to your new devices.
  • Thanks to monthly billing, if you increase the number of your staff you will also receive legitimate software packages for the devices of your new colleagues.
  • Your software products will always be up to date.

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