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Software rental and operations

To complement our computer and server solutions, we also provide our clients with a cost-effective software rental option, as an alternative to lump sum software investment.

Invitech’s offer

Services included in IT operational management

  •      Design, installation and operation of a physical server and storage environment
  •      Design, installation and operation of a virtual server and storage environment
  •      Operation of Hypervisor services (Hyper-V, VMWare)
  •      Operation of Active Directory / LDAP
  •      Operation at the level of operating systems (Windows / LINUX)
  •      Operation of file-sharing services
  •      Operation of email servers
  •      Operation of portals (SP, LAMP)
  •      Operation of print servers
  •      Help Desk / Service Desk
  •      Monitoring and management


Business benefits

  • The necessary applications are installed (and also operated as requested) on your behalf by Invitech specialists.
  • The service portfolio includes the entire Microsoft Office family of programs.
  • Software licences may also be transferred to your new devices.
  • Thanks to monthly billing, if you increase the number of your staff you will also receive legitimate software packages for the devices of your new colleagues.
  • Your software products will always be up to date.

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