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Managed data storage service

Using Invitech’s managed data storage service your business data will be safe at all times. Our data storage service relies on renting out the virtually separated capacity of the data storage devices operated in our data centre.

Optimum storage space use is facilitated by the technology known as storage tiering, where data may be stored cost-efficiently without losing on performance. The most important feature of the technology is storing the most important or frequently accessed (hot) data on the fastest media and the least important on the cheapest ones. Invitech’s managed data storage service is available as a supplementary service for our virtual server, individually hosted server or dedicated virtual server solutions.

The pros of Invitech's Managed Data Storage Service

Business benefits

Central storage is a professional solution for storing and archiving critical data in a safe way. 
Whether backup copies, databases or sensitive data, your data will be safe when stored in the framework of Invitech’s flexibly extendable central storage solution with high availability.

Will it be worth it?

Pay only for the storage space you actually use and store high volumes of data if you like.
Avoid risks associated with data losses. Your operation will be maintained even in the case of unexpected incidents.

Invitech’s offer a safe storage of your data is a basic requirement that will be met at the highest level under any circumstances.

Discover managed data storage service

Fields of application

  • Data storage for file and web services.
  • Database storage.
  • Temporary storage capacity for ad hoc projects or migrations.
  • Storage for virtual servers.
  • Storage of developer and testing copies.
  • Storage of backup copies before major modifications.

Various data storage packages adapted to individual needs and planned costs

  • SSD: a solution of excellent performance providing for the fastest access for continuously used data (e.g. websites, real-time data processing)
  • High-performance tiered storage: cost-efficient solution to access frequently used data using SSD and SAS disks
  • Balanced tiered storage: an optimum balance between costs and performance, using SSD, SAS and NLSAS disks
  • Economic tiered storage: long-term cost-efficient storage of rarely accessed data using SAS and NLSAS disks

Further benefits

  • A large storage space is readily available and you will not have to add more and more disks to the physical infrastructure of your data storage system
  • The storage space is accessible from multiple locations (servers)
  • High availability due to the redundancy that complies with the latest technological recommendations
  • Excellent performance (disk-pool systems)
  • Cost efficiency (auto storage tiering technology)
  • Size and performance may be customised to match changing business needs without loss of service

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