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Small- and medium-sized enterprises


Our business Internet services provide our clients with high-availability Internet connection throughout the entire country. Today, reliable, fast and unlimited Internet connection is a must for the continuous operation of every company.

Telephone and communication

Thanks to our business voice service, you can communicate with your partners in a reliable and cost-effective way. If you choose our IP-based telephone service, you may opt for additional comfort functions and discounts customised to your needs.

Data centre and cloud

By choosing our data centre and cloud services, you gain access to a high-availability server resource leasing and server hosting service with multiple redundancy. Our service assists your company in precision planning of your need for server resources and the related costs.

IT security

Uniquely in Hungary, we offer comprehensive IT security services with monthly rates. In the rapidly changing world of IT, our solution provides your company with constant and up-to-date safety, enabling you to focus solely on your business.