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Office 365 office software services

While office software packages are essential for business processes, their operation may be troublesome. For instance, if you need a robust software background and you have to pay each time you install a new software or update an old one. Or operation is a complex and costly affair requiring specific professional expertise. Furthermore, traditionally purchased software licences cannot always be flexibly adjusted to the changing needs of your company.

The pros of Invitech's Office 365

Business benefits

Office 365 is a complex office service package with monthly or annual fees (a software lease) that includes solutions replacing online server functions and safety features in addition to the well-known Office components.

The service also includes a reliable mailing infrastructure with an email account with large storage space, which facilitates the simple management of teams and projects. Using our high-value migration, consulting and support services linked to Office 365 you will not have to bother with the settings when putting the system into use. 

Will it be worth it?

The advantage of the complex Office 365 office service package, an almost essential tool for companies, is that you will not have to make an investment but pay a plannable monthly or annual fee only.

The number of Office 365 licences may be flexibly modified as needed, so you will have a cost-efficient solution that may be adjusted to organisational changes (e.g. new employees). You will always have updated software at your service, without having to pay extra, which may be used by the same person on more than one machine.

The perfect solution for perfect teamwork! Benefits of Microsoft Teams O365?

Using Teams you will have all kinds of services at a single shared workplace, whether you want to chat, organise meetings, share files or use business apps.

Discover the details

More benefits of the service

  • Select and combine components, software packages and online services as you wish.
  • You will not have to make an investment but pay a plannable monthly or annual fee only.
  • You will not need your own server park but promptly use our online service.
  • Professional and safe IT infrastructure.
  • The number of Office 365 licences may be flexibly modified.
  • A single person may use the service on multiple devices (e.g. desktop, laptop, phone, tablet).
  • You will always have the latest software version at your service without having to pay extra for it.
  • Office 365 has a solution for every office need, from mailing through CRM to team projects.

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  • Increase communication efficiency

By means of group chats, online meetings, calls and web conferences you may align the activities of your organisation. You will be able to organise events with 10 or even 10,000 participants using video and web tools.

  • More efficient cooperation

You may work with your colleagues on shared files using the incorporated Office 365 Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint apps.

  • Tailor-made workspace

You may use your favourite Microsoft apps and external services.

  • We will relieve you of the burdens of operation 

Save time and money: using our service you will not need to install and maintain a local telephone infrastructure.

  • Safe working also online

End-to-end safety, surveillance control and compliance – you can have it all with Office 365.

  • Built-in safety features

Provide for the safety of your business by means of improved functions ranging from encrypting and safety protocols to physical and operational measures.

  • Phone calls

Make global phone calls in reliable quality using the telephone system of Teams and combine it with phone packages or direct call forwarding as necessary. Office 365 supports call management functions such as queuing, call forwarding, call transfer and voice mail.

  • Teams devices

Certified devices provide premium audio and video services. Select optimum Team devices for optimum calling experience.

  • Flexible use

You may allow calls from any device including IP phones, the Microsoft Teams conference system, PCs, Mac machines and mobile devices.

  • Call monitoring

Call monitoring helps you check active users, active sessions, client device data and activity types.

Select a product and ask for our quotation!

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